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Life is grand - live it up!

This is the Delphia family home page.  Most of us tree up to Joan and Don of Denver.
However, there may be others - possibly look-a-likes or even wanna-be's!
Here you can find various and sundry information on our family and kin.
So, page down, read on,   and don't worry  -  be happy!

Now about the photo above - this is from Grandma Eugenia Delphia as she was growing up in the Senecal family.   Grandma is in the top row on the far right - and no, I don't know what was eating at them.  I just don't think too many folks went around smiling back then.

***Coming sometime - Our Cyber Photo Gallery!
Here will be some miscellaneous family photo's.

The  Denver  Delphia's     (The Brood of Joan & Don)
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Joan & Don  the Momma and the Poppa Mom is still swinging the golf clubs, but Dad has passed and we miss him dearly  
Jim  (& Sue & Fritz) Fritz's Gaurdians   jim   at    delphia.net
Jill (& Bill & ...)      
Tom  Mayor of Foxton    
Dan  (& Laura & ...)  Sunny Siders Dan's Page dan   at   delphia.net
Tony  (& Susan & ...)      
Tim  (& Gale & ...)  Winter Wonderlanders    
David   (& Laurie & ...)      delphia6  at  MSN domain 


More of the famous Delphia kin
who aliases what's up with me / us how to reach me / us 
Uncle Dick The Oregonian 
Best cruising uncle in the whole U S of A! 
 I'm in the book!


Just for fun,    here's some of our favorite things and web sites...
Short Movie - Alaskan Cruise #1  -  Toe Rings Rule!
Short Movie - Alaskan Cruise #2  -  Tall Tales
Short Movie - Alaskan Cruise #3 -  Waterfall

More Fun  -  some of our favorite web sites...
The Mike Boyle Restaurant Show  (for Denver area)
Ski Winter Park - Colorado


So,    do you think anyone will ever read any of this?     if so,  drop a line to the web master geek dude at david    at     delphia.net .         if not, go ahead and send money...

Hope all is well with you!

Keep on smiling and loving!